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It is only about the Liberal Party wanting to give their master Rupert Murdoch more dominance.It occupies a special place in our society, and it needs to be treated differently.That gives them much more scope to force out competition through loss-leaders in specific industries.Regardless, Curious was arguing that all online content falls under the same editorial policy.There is a very good reason why media monopoly laws have been in place all these years.The ABC shows the dangers of having the media concentrated within one group of like minded persons who wish to slant the news and events to their ideological views.Under the current circumstances, it just hands the control of information in Australia to the hands of Murdoch and the global financial interests that drive government policy against the interests of the Australian people.Why do we read a piece of PR one day then hear it from the mouths of friends the next.And who would have thought that the Government would be seeking to make changes that favour their favourite benefactor.

You seem to be unaware that the ABC adheres to a specific charter, and there are plenty of avenues for addressing any breaches.Mostly from the site of one of the traditional media outlets.I suppose it all depends on who has what in the overall market.Why do you persist with this lie - say it often enough and all that rot, I know.Government sails into political maelstrom as co-captains face off.Presumably the standards of journalism would entail something about making sure that all information is factual.Communicating what others are thinking is a powerful and easily-abused way to influence populations.

The news still comes from the existing providers: Fairfax, Newscorp, etc.They want to support weaker players to the extent they become rentseekers IMO.The police report described them as three Aboriginals and one caucasian.Firstly you point out that the media regulations were made a long time ago and that the nature of the media has changed.Or that Gina Rhinestones is the most hard-working, innovative Australian we have.

If Today Tonight changed its format, if Australian 60 Minutes was half the calibre of US 60 Minutes, those people would tune out for something else.Davos Globalist Elite Bet on Trump Climate Failure. Davos Globalist Elite Bet on Trump. is given to jobs in the coal mining and.Television news is junk food, lead by the most tantalising entre thay they can muster, followed by the standard formatting of your main, with a sweet reward to all the good boys and girls that eat their greens, the sport rounding out the dish.Murdoch will stop publishing hard copy newspapers when the actual readership will be below 6-8% of the potential voting readership.

I had this idea it was a bit more widespread than just my neighbourhood.It is interesting to see how it has gone downhill since the foreign interests have moved in.We can have as many media owners as we like, they all produce the same product, with more consitency than a McDonalds french fry.Just as well we can come here and moan a bit, otherwise our freedoms might be at risk.

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Certainly logic and critical thought is imperative, not only taught at school but also at home.Having trouble understanding what US policy on anything has to do with Australia.And it prevents them from ever having a chance to grow into big corporations as they are swallowed up by the even bigger corporations.

Hi RC, No need to get exact figures, just a bit of logic will do.There was no Trade Practices Act (now the Competition and Consumer Act) prior to 1974 MJLC.

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I have said many times (ad nauseam, actually) that Australia and its unionisation is stuck in the 1950s.The loss of classified advertising revenue makes the idea of a free-standing, traditionally-structured, independently-profitable newspaper a thing of the past.On television, the ABC has the most channels out of any company.If you think that is healthy for a democracy and developed society then you are delusional.

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Lack of bias and immunity from commercial influence are central to the entire culture of the ABC.

Statutory Rule 104 of 1935 allowed no more than one metropolitan broadcasting licence per state, two metropolitan licences in the country, three regional stations per state, and so forth.Sure, the media has changed, but big companies seem to swallow up little companies all the time.I would have thought that physical descriptions of escaped criminals was in the public interest for very practical reasons.At some point all media, entertainment and communications will come down the same pipe and then none of this will matter.If it had to follow ACCC legal requirements, it might need to cut back its services.You are just repeating the Liberal and Australian News mantra - one great big lie.

Lu, Hui (2017) Rethinking Cloud Storage System Software under Multi-Tenancy. Chulis, Kimberly (2016) Data mining Twitter for cancer, diabetes, and asthma insights.The Left media thinks it has a duty to keep information from us that does not conform to the Left worldview.

We want to give Gina the right to control the national discussion by buying whatever papers and TV stations and radio stations she wants.But Roo Ted as far as I know our only interaction is through the internet.Most of the major papers are conservative, even if they have bikini girls on page 3 - progressive papers would not dream of that.And Turnbull has lost all credibility if he had any left after his NBN lies and obfuscations.This, of course, suits the current government as Murdoch, for the time being is a friend who openly helped them across the line at the last election.And how does online readership stack up against hard copy readership.Clownie, I think you are living in some sort of dreamworld where everything is beautiful and suited to your blinkered views.Diversity in the title of the media outlets is irrelevant if we cannot guarantee balance in the editorial stance of the outlets.

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