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Math::Random::OO(3) - Consistent object-oriented interface for generating random numbers.Math::Symbolic::Compiler(3) - Compile Math::Symbolic trees to Perl code.MooseX::Role::Loggable(3) - Extensive, yet simple, logging role using Log::Dispatchouli.MP4GetTrackVideoType(3) - Get the encoding type of a video track.Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Registry(3) - registry for type constraints.MooseX::App::Plugin::BashCompletion(3) - Bash completion for your MooseX::App applications.Moose::Cookbook::Meta::WhyMeta(3) - Welcome to the meta world.MooseX::AttributeHelpers::Trait::Base(3) - base role for helpers.Mail::LMLM::Types::Listar(3) - mailing list type for Listar-based mailing lists.

Mail::SpamAssassin::PersistentAddrList(3) - persistent address list base class.MooseX::Runnable::Run(3) - Run a MooseX::Runnable class as an application.Mail::Message::Body::Construct(3) - adds functionality to Mail::Message::Body.

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MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::Meta::Map(3) - generic role for storing code attributes used by classes and roles with attributes.MouseX::ConfigFromFile(3) - An abstract Mouse role for setting attributes from a configfile.Metabase::Resource::perl::commit(3) - class for Metabase resources about perl commits.

MooseX::Getopt::Strict(3) - only make options for attributes with the Getopt metaclass.Mail::Stats(3) - Perl module for getting quick statistics on procmail generated mailbox files.Munin::Node::Configure::Plugin(3) - Class representing a plugin, along with its installed and suggested services.MooseX::Types::Path::Class(3) - A Path::Class type library for Moose.MooseX::Meta::Method::Authorized(3) - Authorization in method calls.Math::Symbolic::Custom::Contains(3) - Find subtrees in Math::Symbolic expressions.MP4GetTrackNumberOfEdits(3) - Get the number of edit segments for a track.

1 minute ago - What is your fave Loc style. Revenue #ico #bitcoinprice #lendingplatform #litecoin #bitcoinwallet #. get thoughtfull quotation updates.Mail::OpenDKIM::DKIM(3) - Provides an interface to libOpenDKIM.Module::Install::Admin::Include(3) - include methods for Module::Install.Mail::OpenRelay::Simple(3) - check if a mail server runs as an open relay.Math::GSL::Heapsort(3) - Functions for sorting data, both directly and indirectly.MP4SetSampleRenderingOffset(3) - Set the rendering offset of a track sample.More Images of Off-White™ x Vans Collaboration Show Black Ball Hi Model: And another one.Math::SymbolicX::NoSimplification(3) - Turn off Math::Symbolic simplification.Module::Build::Convert(3) - Makefile.PL to Build.PL converter.

Math::Expr::Num(3) - Represents one number in a parsed expression tree.MagickWand-config(1) - get information about the installed version of the Magick Wand.MetaCPAN::Client::Distribution(3) - A Distribution data object.Metabase::Resource(3) - factory class for Metabase resource descriptors.Math::Symbolic::Parser(3) - Parse strings into Math::Symbolic trees.Mail::Field(3) - Base class for manipulation of mail header fields.

Math::Random::Secure::RNG(3) - The underlying PRNG, as an object.Stock quote for Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. Common Stock Common Stock (NUS) with real-time last sale and extended hours stock prices, company news, charts, and research.Mail::Message::Construct::Text(3) - capture a Mail::Message as text.Math::SigFigs(3) - do math with correct handling of significant figures.Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Cache(3) - A cache-based mbox folder reader.This design is wicked! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.HaHa!).MIME::WordDecoder(3) - decode RFC 2047 encoded words to a local representation WARNING: Most of this module is deprecated and may disappear.MogileFS::ReplicationPolicy::Union(3) - -- satisfy 2 or more replication policies.

Mail::FilterXML(3) - Filter email based on a rules file written in XML.Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::Base(3) - base class for canonicalization methods.5 Ways To Eject From A Relationship. Douglas Heppner. Quotation Dan: “.all the cops. we are running a promotion where we will pay you in Litecoin.

Module::Build::Pluggable::Repository(3) - set repository information automatically.MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::Meta::Method::MaybeWrapped(3) - proxy attributes of wrapped methods if their metaclass supports it.

Mail::DKIM::SignerPolicy(3) - determines signing parameters for a message.Mail::SendEasy::SMTP(3) - Handles the communication with the SMTP server without dependencies.Math::Random::OO::UniformInt(3) - Generates random integers with uniform probability.

MIME::Lite::HTML(3) - Provide routine to transform a HTML page in a MIME-Lite mail.Module::Versions(3) - Handle versions of loaded modules with flexible result interface.

Math::Cephes::Complex(3) - Perl interface to the cephes complex number routines.

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