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Oldgamejunk: SpaceX, Other users will have to grant you marks for reputation, mostly as a reward for good comments.POLOSARG: 17 btc of golen for sell at 2600 while the price is 2700 Ssheet.Mufasa: if had btc would definitely do opposite of what box is suggesting lol.Anondran: lol that guy who got banned, created a thread on btctalk.Banhammer: nethack banned for 4 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Nordman: angelitto, having been to your country most of what you eat is fine just exercise and you will be fine.EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome: tmdcrypto, you could loose all the money you put into it if it swings the other way (leverage is 2.5, so swings wipe you out 2.5x quicker).QubitCryptoReaper: actually now hes only banned for 1 hr instead of 1 day lol.You can toggle from day to night mode in the upper right of the site.

Banhammer: Diamond banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Xoblort: Katoomer, I always try with small amounts, read about all that in the link I gave you please.TheThinker: crassoverload, when devs are selling their GNT shares - nice things are useless.Nordman: angelitto, yeah started messing with computer way back when.

MrJkub: Kaitokid, Thats what they said about the internet in 1995.Watchtower: maikelban, please, do you have a reason to believe in this, and lets not start that Fork spam if not.

Banhammer: Skrawberries banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.CryptoBitSeeker: Gravychain, Zebra, sigh, the problem with crypto is that requires a lot of knowledge.AbyNormal: lobujit, ah, last time I was impressed with keccak it costed me whole week of mining wrong coin - member HVC haha.MaybachMoney: ZWhale, billbobob2684, yea i thought it was gonna pump overnight and instead it went down.

Running A Full Node Run Bitcoin On Laptop 2018

Unac: Bdead, I bought dash 4 hours ago to lend it, only because the interests were so high.Fibonacci12358: Well you gotta admit I was saying sell golem all along.

Kaitokid: MrJkub, yes but the internet today isnt the internet of 1995.LordKazoom: POLOSARG, 5 years in the life of a company is nothing.Gravychain: cryptotroll1, it better be. the theme of today so far has been, dump you gnt instantly into any buy wall.Xoblort: BeginnerRun, Lets ease up a bit on the advertising when you return PLEASE, thank you.Rebeltrev: Its going to be great seeing Golem rise again.its only a matter of time.

Xoblort: Ali.sofyansah-0e50, Hello there, welcome to Poloniex.BeginnerRun: i told you guys GNT is overvalue now run to strats and NAV both are super cheap.Nordman: boiled, gave it up, now I fish or more correctly sit by the sea.

Bdead: yup I am oficially a golem bag holder now:-s. not a big amount luckely.Mufasa: Saturatedfat, collected data on a lot of businesses and people. accessed cams mics. traced source.Gravychain: NooberDog, yep:) people think the charts here are the only charts.Mufasa: suspect from day 1 in crypto and knew others are extremely capable so never showed cus of fear of legal consequence.

Bdead: altcoinhere, it could be a reasonably good point to buy.HexualSeaIings: VTC accumulation last hour, we see spike soon.Watchtower: lordcaptainbradley, nhelzen, i wonder if btc has ears and is listening.:).CryptoBitSeeker: humbrie, lol bitcoin model is working, 14 billion dollars worth of value.Watchtower: POLO TIP: Check out the Trading History Analyzer page.Kaitokid: the money of the interent as you know is a big market, i dont believe bitcoin will ever be mass adopted becasue it is just to geeky.RainstormGBok: they shoukd stop trading with this website until it is working unacceptable.BCBB: siphamandlamazibuko8, Its getting chewed up and spat out on Polo after 1 day.

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