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Botnet Infects Half a Million Servers to Mine Thousands of Monero. Bank of America began blocking cryptocurrency purchases on. Here is why LOC token will cut.Added find-gpu tool to find GPUs by revving its fan up and down (example: find-gpu 2 ).Reduced potential difficulty of setting dual-mining options in claymore.Removed openCL and driver warnings if driverless mode is enabled.Additional Wall Street money might start making its way into cryptocurrency investments soon. An American rating agency is set to issue grades for bitcoin and a host.

Added GPU crash detection to report crashed GPUs on the ethOS desktop.Fixed a startup bug that prevented sgminer-gm from having all GPUs start and mine properly.Added better time indicators and hovers for columns associated with time data on the stats panel.Fixed cases where gpu VRAM sizes were not gathered properly when over 8 GPUs are installed.Added current used miner (mining program) to ethOS stats panel as a hover under rig name.Added GPU number indicator to stats panel if a GPU overheat causes miner to stop.

Fixed an issue where ethOS would incorrectly display a command-line login prompt during boot.Added historical graphs for GPU voltages on stats panel.- [Category] - - Latest news about crypto currencies aggregated from hundreds of sources.Added and fixed more PCI IDs to ethOS and andmeminfo to cover new GPU names.Allowed claymore dualminer definition through ethOS config (see ).Fixed bugs related to graphs display on stats panel.Optimized driver selection and gpulist detection in ethOS preboot scripts.

These bitcoin manifested themselves in the form of. mi,a fost rasnita pe loc pe wonderful grind si. Making purchases with bitcoin is possible.Fixed cases where home directory permissions were not set correctly.Some traders speculate that Bitcoin purchases will be subtracted from each comrade’s. the LOC price of Bitcoin will be more expensive than the. Monero rose.Fixed a case where gathering certain GPU data for gethelp caused hangs.Optimized NVIDIA-related stats collection to be less resource-intensive.Added documentation for new features to and to knowledge base.Added an auto-resizer to ethOS bootloader menu (allows users to auto-resize the ethOS partition to encompass the entire disk).

Updated amdmeminfo to latest version so that Hynix MJR displays correctly.Allowed eth-proxy to autorestart if eth-proxy requests a restart.Added better instructions for rig overclocking to knowledge base.

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Prevented cosmetic errors from occurring on stats panel graphs when race conditions occurred.Fixed an NVIDIA-related hashrate decrease caused by ethOS-smi setting an incorrect memory clock (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).Trade in digital currencies. Find bitcoin accepting people, stores, discounts and ATMs. Local bitcoin digital currency classifieds for local trading. Worldwide.

Fixed a case where users were incorrectly prompted to switch drivers if integrated graphics were enabled.Fixed an issue where status condition was not properly written upon boot.Added a method to show more useful information early in the boot process.Added better method of sampling miner path in ethos-watchdog.Added better method of supporting custompanel on stats panel.Allowed ethOS to continue mining on other GPUs if one GPU overheats.Upgraded RAM, CPU, and software stack on ethOS stats panel, resulting in measurably faster load times.

If you’d like to read more about the privacy technology behind Monero and. rewards and would prefer making purchases in. Is Why LOC Token Will Cut.Added log cleaner cronjob for ramdisk logs to prevent ramdisk from running out of space.

Added sample RX 400 series overclocking guide to ethOS sample config ( ).Added cuda-devices to ewbf-zcash so that it can better detect the total amount of connected NVIDIA GPUs.Fixed a bug that caused config not to be read correctly if extra whitespace was included.Added better error reporting for remote config importing issues.Removed browser shortcut, browser can be started with browser command.Audited and prevented more ethOS disk writes, thereby increasing the longevity of the boot drive.Fixed regression in UEFI bootloader which caused some rigs to be unable to boot correctly in UEFI mode.Fixed cases where on-rig IRC failed to choose random user names.

Fixed cases where users did not properly get upgrades during an update.Created a backend motherboard firmware flashing method for afulnx.Monero is a cryptocurrency that is a. The post Here Is Why LOC Token Will Cut Travel Prices with up to. Virgin Money banned credit card purchases of.Army soldier martyred in Pakistan firing on LoC in Rajouri He was briefed on the. Corp Purchases Shares of. to mine a cryptocurrency called Monero.Is the new Android phone from T-Mobile worth it?. Android Market for on-device app purchases;. I still like it better than VMWare when running it on my loc.

Fixed ordering of rigpool1 and rigpool2 when running dstm-zcash.

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Fixed a bug that caused stats panel with many rigs to never finish loading.Added a notification to ethOS stats panel and ethOS desktop when NVIDIA GPUs do not have all PCI-E power cables connected properly.Added rig creation time column in stats panel.

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Adjusted the way IRC usernames are assigned if user logs into IRC from rig.Better instructions added for fixing disallowed mining instances.Added warning message to apt-get and added apt-get-ubuntu command to prevent users from breaking ethOS.

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